How to Host a Ladies Spa Party

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  • July 16, 2015-12:04 pm

Decide on the theme of your party: Girls week-end/pajama party/garden spa party/hen party/someone’s having a baby party/just got promoted/hired/fired…

Settle on a date/time and the location: your home, garden, someone else’s place, a hotel room or any other venue of your choice.

Book your event with a spa preferably a mobile one that is flexible and will work with your needs and that can bring all the necessities for hand and foot treatments, facials and massages. Do this 6-to-8 weeks in advance of the date. You will most likely be asked to make a down-payment to secure your spot.

Decide with your guests, their spa needs for the day and send this schedule to the spa so that they can know what to bring what is expected and be well prepared before its arrival at your venue. The spa will decide on the number of therapists based on the number of guests, services required and the amount of time it has to work with.

Decide on food, drink, candles, music (relaxing or not) and who will be in charge of what among your friends/guests.
A week before the event, check in with the spa and give any last detail and/or changes.

Send a reminder to your guests a few days in advance. Start thinking about what minor space adjustments need to be made. Set aside things you‘ll need, and make any additional minor purchases necessary.

On the day of the event start preparing well in advance to give yourself time to look around and even enjoy a glass of something before your guests arrive.

Your spa therapists will arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour before the start to be ready as your guests arrive.

As your festivities may still be going on when your spa services are completed, the therapists will pack up and take their leave quietly as you turn up the music…

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