Benefits of Men’s Spa Treatments at Home

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  • July 16, 2015-12:05 pm

Ever wanted to go to the spa but felt a bit sheepish about showing up in a woman’s domain?

Do you have your wife or companion book services for you at a spa only to have you cancel out at the last minute?

Ever felt so much stress and knots caused by tension and thought gosh I could use a massage right about now but not sure what to do?

Worry no more. Mobile spas are made for you.

You get to choose your own deep tissue, sports, Tui na* or power massages. If you want to just relax then the choice of a relaxing, Swedish or aromatherapy massage may be your thing.

What about your face, hands and feet? Personal grooming starts here where added youthfulness and well-cared-for hands and feet says a lot about the man. No problem, you can order those services at home too.

Here’s how easy it is. Order online by choosing the service or services that you want, the day and time that suits you.

On the day of the appointment, choose a warm, comfortable and sufficiently spaced area of your home away from noise and distraction from children, pets and household gadgets.

If you have a fireplace in the area, light it up, why not? Put on your favourite calming music or if not, your therapist does bring some.

A few minutes before the therapist arrives, take a warm shower or bath to warm up your muscles and get rid of some of the accumulating daily tension.

Slip into your favourite robe or other comfort clothes to greet your therapist and do let her know if you have any medical or serious health issues, and any areas of discomfort that you would like worked on or to be avoided.

Your spa therapist will bring all that is necessary for your treatment including a massage table, towels /blankets and the other grooming accessories for the treatments.

And last but not least, do take some deep relaxing breaths as you think about all the others who are stuck in traffic on the drive home from work, all those driving around trying to find parking spaces in town, the not-so-nice weather outside, and the fact that your muscles will enjoy prolonged benefits from your massage.

You can slip back into your robe after your treatment, enjoy a glass of water, or some tea (we recommend) or a glass of wine by the fireside as your therapist quietly closes the door behind her as she leaves.

*Tui na: a Chinese type of massage that involves breathing and stretching of the muscles to decrease muscle tension and improve oxygen and blood flow to the muscles and the rest of the body.

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