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These are some of the things our clients have been saying about us:

“We had a great time. It felt like being in a luxury spa hotel without leaving our home. Thanks again (Dorothy) for the wonderful experience.”
Martine & François. Schifflange, Luxembourg

“Mon mari était très content avec le massage (de Santiago). On achete une série alors.”
Cyndi, Ehnen, Luxembourg

“Honestly, this is the best massage I’ve ever had in my life and the best pregnancy massage. I didn’t want to get up off the table.”
Maireid, Luxembourg

“Ca fait vraiment bien. Merci beaucoup.”
Mme. B. (94 ans) Arlon, Belgique

“The first time I was a bit hesitant to invite an unknown massage therapist into my apartment (I live alone), but after I spoke to Dorothy on the phone, I felt completely reassured and my massage with Santiago went splendidly. Nothing beats being able to just put on your robe and doze off on your couch after a nice massage and not having to rush home in traffic.

Both Dorothy and Santiago have magic fingers. They don’t just go through the motions, they really feel the tension spots in your body and adjust to your needs. Every massage is a good one.”
–Elisabeth. Strassen, Luxembourg

“I really enjoy the flexibility of Spa Anywhere…Dorothy is a wonderful massage therapist who listens to her clients needs and incorporates a unique mind”
– Malia Kekuewa, Luxembourg

“I highly recommend the spa services from Spa Anywhere Anytime. The employees are incredibly service minded and this is evidenced by their professional attitude, their flexible working hours, and the high quality of treatments provided.”
– Brandi, Luxembourg

“My wife and I have been having joint sessions with Dorothy for a couple of months. Her ability to offer the treatments at home fits in perfectly with the schedule of a hectic young family. Her wide range of services and expertise also allow different treatments, depending on needs and also the specific wish on each visit. We have been delighted to use her for various treatments and look forward to using her for many months ahead.”
– Stephen, Luxembourg

“After a stressful week I contacted Spa Anywhere to get rid of the tension in my very tired neck and back. Dorothy created a wonderful atmosphere in all simplicity and worked on removing all tension, knot by knot. I definitely will recommend her services to all of my poorly-postured office-working friends and colleagues.”
– Nicola, Luxembourg

“Thank you for a wonderful deep tissue Thai Massage. A great idea to have the therapist go to the client’s location.”
-Sandra, Luxembourg

“Dorothy, merci pour ce très bon moment de détante et de bien être.”
– Francoise, Arlon

“Manicure and pedicure at the office during our lunch hour. Perfect. This leaves us plenty of time to get other things done in the evenings after work”.
– Piret

“Your manicures and pedicures are great. I love the ‘One Minute Manicure’ exfoliation product that you use on my hands and feet and that I got from you. My hands feel smooth and the heels of my feet look and feel amazing. I take it with me too when I go on vacation”.
– Margit, Luxembourg

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