Profile: Dorothy

Full Name: Dorothy GERMAINE
  1. Deep Tissue Massage
  2. Trigger Point & Myofascial Release
  3. Sports & Aromatherapy Massages
  4. Swedish Massage
  5. Hot Lava Shell Massage
  6. Facial Treatment
  7. Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
  • Certified Manual Therapies
  • Diploma in Esthetician
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Psychology & Spanish major (BA), turned Retail Manager, turned Certified Manual Therapies Practitioner, Esthetician (Diploma) and Spa Entrepreneur in Toronto, Canada.

With over 15 years experience combined, the story continues with the launch of SPA Anywhere Anytime, a mobile wellness and spa services company, Luxembourg 2011 a first of its kind in Luxembourg.

‘I believe we can start to heal ourselves firstly by knowing who we are, and then by listening to our bodies and understanding it when it speaks to us. The mind, body and spirit interact and one method that we can use to promote this interaction positively is through the sense of touch. By listening to your body through my hands and the therapeutic touch of the massages and the other holistic/spa treatments I work with you to get to your optimum level of well-being’.

Through the integrating of specified wellness services like Deep Tissue, Sports and Aromatherapy massages and spa treatments like Swedish and Hot Lava Shell massages, facial and lymphatic drainage treatments using purely organic products as can be found, the aim is to help both men and women, identify, treat and heal themselves and live a healthier lifestyle.

The term “Put your wellness and spa treatments in our hands” fits well as the company’s phylosphy.